What Are Symptoms of Low HGH Levels?

Do You Have Symptoms of Low HGH Levels? What improves your energy, helps you lose fat, increases muscle gain, makes bones more dense, makes skin look more youthful, improves sleep, improves memory, increases your capacity to exercise, and can reduce anxiety and depression?  If you said growth … [Read more...]

The Landmark Human Growth Hormone Study

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The Human Growth Hormone Study that Changed Everything In 1990 Dr. Daniel Rudman and his colleagues published in the New England Journal of Medicine a landmark  human growth hormone study titled the “Effects of Human Growth Hormone In Men Over 60 Years Old”.  This study spurred the interest in … [Read more...]

Human Growth Hormone Facts

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Human Growth Hormone Facts Human growth hormone facts are hard to come by so we'll take some time to discuss this important hormone. Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced in the anterior pituitary and is a peptide hormone of 191 amino acids.  Growth hormone stimulates or regulates many … [Read more...]