Supplements Recommended by Suzanne Somers

Supplements Recommended by Suzanne Somers Suzanne Somers’ new book Bombshell recently came out and like her other books has been a big hit.  In the book she discusses the best supplements, in her opinion, to combat aging and improving health that she shares in this NewsMax interview. We have written on many of these supplements that Ms. Somers discusses in the interview.

I give Ms. Somers tremendous credit for the role she has played in educating the public on the benefits of supplements, hormone replacement therapy, and other anti-aging treatments.  Probably more than anyone she has advanced the field of Anti-Aging Medicine/Age Management.  She is certainly better educated on many of these topics than most physicians and has a real gift for taking her knowledge and communicating in an understandable way for her readers and listeners.

Supplements That Make You Live Longer

Though she doesn’t mention the supplement by name in the interview that activates telomerase which then lengthens telomeres, she was referring to TA-65.  TA-65 is expensive costing between $2,000 to $8,000 a year.  The cost for most individuals is $2,000 to $4,000. The price of TA-65 will come down as the market for it continues to grow. For more information on TA-65 go to TA Sciences.

She also discusses the benefits of resveratrol, curcumin, and probiotics.  Below are the articles we have written on these anti-aging supplements. By adding these supplements to an anti-aging program that includes regular exercise, consumption of a well-balanced low-glycemic diet, and hormone optimization you will improve your odds of living a life full of vigor and vitality.

“Resveratrol and Cancer”

“Resveratrol and Heart Disease”

“Todays Leading Anti Aging Herbal Supplements”

“Reverse Aging with this Supplement”

“Combat Cancer with Curcumin”

“TA-65: A Revolutionary Anti Aging Supplement”

“Anti Aging Supplements”

TA-65: Potentially the Best Anti Aging Supplement”

“Boost Your Health with Probiotics”


Simply click the image below to purchase her book through Amazon.

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