Increase Growth Hormone Release with Sprint 8

Increasing Growth Hormone with Sprint 8An acquaintance of mine forwarded this article to me regarding the use of Sprint 8 in obesity. For those of you familiar with our site we are advocates of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Sprint 8 is a form of HIIT. More calories can be burned doing HIIT both during, and get this, after exercise. But, that’s not its only benefit.  HIIT like Sprint 8 can stimulate growth hormone release. Growth hormone is associated with fat loss.  What’s neat about Sprint 8 performed by middle-aged adults is that it can lead to twice the results with respect to fat loss as receiving growth hormone injections.  HIIT also does a better job in raising nitric oxide than standard aerobic exercises. Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator and relaxes blood vessels improving blood flow. Nitric oxide also enhances the immune system (see “Boosting Nitric Oxide with Exercise“).

How is Sprint 8 Performed

First, warm up for 3 to 5 minutes. After the warm up the fun begins.  Sprint 8 involves performing 8 thirty-seconds of all-out exertion followed by a 90 second rest period. It’s similar to the Tabata Protocol which is 8 cycles of 20 second bursts of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest.  This type of exercise activates the fast-twitch muscle fibers.  These are the muscle fibers that enable us to get out of a chair, climb stairs, and other activities that become more difficult as we age.

Sprint 8 can be performed by sprinting, or through use of exercise machines like treadmills, bicycles, stair climbers, elliptical machines, rowing machines, and others. Or it can be performed doing calisthenics like push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks (see “Calisthenics for Fitness“).

Including warm up and a cool down, a body enhancing work-out can be accomplished in 20 minutes.

Other Benefits of Growth Hormone Release and Sprint 8

Some of the women in the study referred in the article noticed improvement in their skin.  This is the result of additional growth hormone release, as is increased energy, better sleep, improved bone density, and mental well-being. See our many posts on growth hormone under the “Hormone/Libido” navigation tab.

Sprint 8 increases the number of mitochondria in our cells. Mitochondria are organelles that produce energy, and life is energy. Age Management is about aging energetically. The mitochondrial theory of aging states we age because our mitochondria decline in number and become less functional contributing to the aging process.  Vigorous exercise like Sprint 8 prevent that from happening.

Though the article did not mention this, HIIT also increases the production of testosterone, which is critical to maintaining muscle mass and strength.  Because they produce more testosterone and growth hormone by the way they train, sprinters have a more muscular look than long-distance runners.  Having more muscle keeps the metabolism stoked, too.


If you’re interested in increasing your growth hormone release add Sprint 8 to your workouts. But, if you’re over age 40 and/or have risk factors for heart disease including diabetes and obesity it is advisable to be seen and evaluated by your physician before embarking on vigorous exercise like Sprint 8.

Life may be a marathon, but it is a marathon of short bursts of activity.  Train your body that way.

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