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The many facets of aging

The world’s population is approaching a precipice of unprecedented aging. 

The percentage of the population that will be over the age of 65 with in the decade is heading in a steep upward direction. Yet, in the face of this, we are possibly heading towards an ageless future. Advantages in restorative medicine and treatments are seeing people living longer and looking more youthful than any other generation that has lived. The world health community has a keen eye on Anti-Aging World Health initiatives.With so many bright minds working collectively to tap into the fountain of youth, the average consumer has never had so many options for turning back the hands of time. It is estimated that by the year 2015, consumers in the United States will pour over $115 billion dollars into anti-ageing treatments. Let’s take a look at the trends and practices that are leading the way among the anti-aging crowd.Part I: It Starts with SkinSunscreen is the first stop on the path to more youthful skin. Sunscreen is the first defense against sun damage. It provides a great armor against further damage, but sunscreen is unable to reverse damage that has been caused by years of sun exposure.Microdermabrasion is a quick way to see a big change in the look and feel of your skin. The process exfoliates skin more quickly and more vigorously than any spa treatment can. It is a great way to improve the surface of the skin, but it will do little to really penetrate the tissue and create an inside-out transformation.Wrinkle Creams are a great way to temporarily smooth and firm the skin. They can improve texture and appearance of skin. Like other topical treatments, they can add a huge benefit but do not necessarily transform the skin.For something that goes a little deeper, a chemical peel reveals new skin. Following the procedure, skin may be red and swollen for 7 to 10 days before the improvement state of the skin shines through.Botox is a highly popular solution for creating a dramatic tightening of the skin. It careful concentration acts to block the transition of nerve impulses to muscles. This paralyzing of muscles is extremely effective at stopping wrinkles.An alternative to Botox, Hyaluronic Acid Injection delivers a wave of a substance that is already naturally occurring in the human body.Nothing signifies youth like sleek, hairless skin. Electrolysis permanently removes hair follicles from the root, eliminating the time associated with archaic hair removal strategies.Part II: Going Below the Surface

Excess, stubborn weight can be one of the biggest concerns for an ageing population. When diet and exercise are overwhelming, many turn to fat removal via liposuction from an accredited professional.

When small cosmetic changes aren’t leading to satisfaction, a complete facelift is an option. This surgical procedure pulls back the facial skin and restructures the musculature. The result is firmer, tauter skin.

One of the unfortunate results of ageing is a loss of mass in the face, in particular the cheeks. In order to plump up facial shape and create a more youthful appearance, fat injections are sometimes used.

A new prospect for anti-aging, stem cell therapy is approaching new horizons. This may be a game changer in how the population at large looks at ageing.

Searching for new ways to transition from age to age is transforming the way the global population responds to aging factors.

The many facets of aging



Many facets of Anti-AgingAnti Aging World

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