Inflammation and Aging

Inflammation and the Aging Process Inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases including high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and plenty more. But, a recent study from Yale School of Medicine showed that even in the absence of … [Read more...]

Poor Sleep Speeds Up Cancer Growth

Poor Sleep Speeds Up Cancer Growth Do you want another reason why should strive for a good night's sleep? A recent study published in Cancer Research showed that poor sleep in laboratory mice led to faster cancer growth. We've written previously about the importance of getting good restful sleep … [Read more...]

Why Reading Improves Brain Function

brain function

When was the last time you read a gripping good novel?  Has it been some time?  New research suggests that you might want to read an engaging novel as often as possible. Why?  Reading a riveting book can boost brain function and the effects last for days – at least five days in fact. Maybe … [Read more...]

Reducing Low Back Pain

reducing low back pain

Reducing Low Back Pain As someone who has had surgery on his lower back three times I'm all for anything that might reduce the risk of low back pain. About 30% of adults suffer from low back in the previous 3 months of a national suvey and about 80% will suffer from low back in their lifetime. Low … [Read more...]