4 Natural Ways To Reduce High FSH Levels To Increase Fertility

Pregnancy and high fsh levels

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Are you trying to get pregnant and have been unable to?  You’re certainly not alone, but I’m sure you’re frustrated. There are many reasons for infertility in women. High FSH levels suggest that your ovaries are struggling to produce viable follicles. It’s not the cause of ovarian reserve/failure, but an indicator of it.

High FSH Levels – Indicator of Poor Ovarian Reserve

As a woman turns older, her chances of conceiving diminishes because her ovarian reserve begins to dwindle until she reaches menopause when it totally zeroes out. Ovarian reserve tells you how many number of eggs are left in the ovary of a woman. There are several tests to determine ovarian reserve. The most common test gauges the level of follicle stimulating hormone or FSH in the blood. High FSH levels indicate a low ovarian reserve and suggests that the eggs have a reduced ability to fertilize. A very high level of more than 20 mlIU/ml signifies an ovarian failure. Doctors usually use this method to determine the viability of performing an in vitro fertilization on a woman.

Decrease High FSH Levels To Increase Chances of Pregnancy

If you have high FSH levels, do not lose hope. You still have the chance to get pregnant by bringing down FSH levels. To do this, you have to adopt techniques that will enhance the health of your ovaries. There are several ways to decrease raised FSH levels. Below discusses five natural ways:


Exercise improves your blood circulation. Improving your blood circulation allows more oxygen, nutrients and hormones to be transported to your ovaries. Your endocrine system will interpret this as, “Hey, stop producing more FSH!” To boost blood circulation in your reproductive organs, try walking, yoga and low-impact aerobics. Be don’t overdue it with exercise though, because very strenuous exercise can lower estrogen levels decreasing your ability to produce a follicle.


Another great way to prompt your blood to flow more efficiently is by getting a massage from an acupressure therapist. This type of massage is expected to generate similar results on your reproductive system as those of exercise.


To get rid of chemicals that have accumulated and may have disturbed your hormone production, undergo a body cleanse. This process is expected to stabilize your estrogen levels, hence, promoting healthier ovaries. Ovaries that are in good shape will bring down high FSH levels produced by your body.

Care For Your Kidneys

It is vital to take good care of your kidneys for your general well-being and because it plays a role in proper hormone balance. This includes follicle stimulating hormones. Ensure the health of your kidneys by cutting back on your consumption of caffeine, chips and other salty foods.

High FSH levels is an indication of a poor ovarian reserve that makes it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. FSH levels go up with age. To increase chances of conceiving, promote the health of your ovaries by exercising, getting a massage, detoxifying and taking care of your kidneys.

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