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Slow The Aging Process

Photograph courtesy of Lori Ortega Sammon.

Keep Rolling Like The Rolling Stones

Keep Rolling Like the Rolling Stones Clad in bright colors standing out against the night sky - yellow, green, red, and blue - a quick glance of the band might have given you the impression you were at a Wiggles Concert. But, there was no Dorothy … [Read More...]

Cryonics: It’s Not About Freezing to Death

Cryonics Versus Cryogenics We have discussed Cenegenics, but what about cryonics and cryogenics? Many times the word cryogenics is mistakenly searched when readers want to obtain information on the life extension method of cryonics. Cryonics is a … [Read More...]

My Journey Into Anti-Aging Medicine

"Hey Dr. Joe, how did you get interested in anti-aging medicine", I'm occasionally asked by patients.  Well it was quite unexpected. I had a very nice career practicing sports medicine and wasn't looking to do anything different. But, that started to … [Read More...]

Raise Your IQ: How Dancing Improves Intelligence

We’ve talked about becoming smarter by having more sex. But, it’s not the only physical activity that can make you more Einstein-esque. Dancing can ward off dementia and improve brain function, too. We’ve addressed how ballroom dancing improves … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

The MIND Diet for Mind Health

Is your memory slipping? Does your brain work more slowly? Some of that is to be expected because our brains typically lose about 2% of their processing speed every decade after age 20. So by age 70 the brain is processing information 10% slower than … [Read More...]

Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Our Health?

Are Cell Phones Dangerous? You can't get away from them can you - the cell phone that is? The cell phone seems to have replaced face to face talking as the preferred mode of communication. But, are they safe? Or, are cell phones dangerous to our … [Read More...]

How Women Can Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

How Women Can Lower Prostate Cancer Risk This is a tongue in cheek piece that I'm sure will leave women loving me (more than they already do). Is it possible for women to really lower prostate cancer risk when they don't even have a prostate gland … [Read More...]

Get Ready For the Gray Hair Trend?

The Gray Hair Trend Are you for it? Are you excited that the gray hair trend (grey hair trend if you are British) has finally arrived? Some of Hollywood's celebrities are proudly sporting gray locks these days and what Hollywood does tends to filter … [Read More...]

Slow Aging: Change the Way You Cook

How to Cook to Slow Aging You can slow aging simply by changing how you cook your foods. You don't even have to change what you eat to slow aging though some change in diet for many will help slow aging even further. How you cook affects how much … [Read More...]

Top Posts

Which Testosterone Level Is The Most Important?

Total testosterone, free testosterone, bioavailable testosterone - you may be confused. Which testosterone level is most important? If you been to this website before you know that we emphasize the fact that testosterone is a total body hormone, … [Read More...]

Best Anti Aging Products Recommended By Dr. Oz

Best Anti Aging Products Revealed In Oprah With the torrent of age defying products in the market today, consumers often find themselves confused with which product to pick. Magazine ads, biased reviews and resources that lack credibility do not … [Read More...]

Why is Testosterone a Controlled Substance?

Testosterone a Controlled Substance: Why? Did you know that as you read this your body is manufacturing a substance that the U.S. Congress has determined to be a controlled substance?  How can a hormone that the body naturally makes, not only in … [Read More...]