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Slow The Aging Process

house of cards

Is Your Health a House of Cards?

House of Cards The television show House of Cards has become quite popular. The phrase house of cards is an idiom and refers to an organization or plan that is very weak and built on a shaky foundation. Such organizations can thus be easily be de … [Read More...]

Slow the Aging Process: Stand Up for Yourself

If you want to live longer try standing up. One way to measure how fast you are aging (dying) is to measure telomere length. We've written several articles on telomeres. Here's one called, Telomeres: A Key to Longevity.  Quickly, telomeres are little … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

Protein to Shape Your Body

Protein to Shape Your Body This article completes our series this month on nutrition. Protein is a macronutrient like fats and carbohydrates, and it is essential for optimizing lean body mass (building and repairing muscle), decreasing body fat, and … [Read More...]

Why Healthy Fats are Essential to Good Health

Healthy Fats are the Key The importance of  healthy fats in the diet is under appreciated. Fats do many healthy things. They are a structural component to every cell wall in the body. And, most of the brain is comprised of fats. Fats are needed to … [Read More...]

Eat Good Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates Good carbohydrates are a major key to a optimal nutrition program. Good carbohydrates are essential to keeping insulin levels down in the healthy range. Eating good carbohydrates takes discipline and knowledge, because it is really … [Read More...]

Premature Death by Sugar Consumption

Soda Consumption and Premature Death For those of you old enough to have lived through the era of vinyl records, do you remember some of those records skipping over and over again on the same part of a song? Well, that's how feel sometimes talking … [Read More...]

Low Glycemic and Natural Foods

LOW GLYCEMIC DIET In Why You Should Avoid High Glycemic Foods we described the relationship between the effects of high and low glycemic carbohydrates on blood sugar and insulin levels. Today we focus on the benefits of eating low glycemic foods and … [Read More...]

Why You Should Avoid High Glycemic Foods

HIGH GLYCEMIC DIET There are two types of carbohydrates when it comes to its effects on blood sugar control. Low glycemic carbs and high glycemic carbs. High glycemic carbs cause rapid rise and falls in sugar levels. Low glycemic carbs cause a slow … [Read More...]