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Slow The Aging Process

house of cards

Is Your Health a House of Cards?

House of Cards The television show House of Cards has become quite popular. The phrase house of cards is an idiom and refers to an organization or plan that is very weak and built on a shaky foundation. Such organizations can thus be easily be de … [Read More...]

Slow the Aging Process: Stand Up for Yourself

If you want to live longer try standing up. One way to measure how fast you are aging (dying) is to measure telomere length. We've written several articles on telomeres. Here's one called, Telomeres: A Key to Longevity.  Quickly, telomeres are little … [Read More...]

gray hair

Living with Gray Hair: a Bird’s Eye View

Gray Hair: An Early Sign of Aging “Mirror, mirror on the wall. That cannot be a gray hair – after all – could it?” But it was, and it was staring me in the face as I looked in the mirror. I was just 16. But, there it was – a gray hair – on my head … [Read More...]

Live Life: Lessons from Breaking Bad

Live Life the (Breaking) Bad Way Well, I was late to the party. I’m rarely late, especially to a party. In fact, I’m usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave a party. But, now that it’s off the air, I’ve finally started to watch Breaking … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

The Bodybuilder Meal Plan

The Bodybuilder Meal Plan The bodybuilder meal plan is a key to shaping an amazing body. You need to eat right - what is called eating clean. Eating for bodybuilding requires striking a delicate balance between providing enough good calories to bui … [Read More...]

The Core of Bodybuilding Exercises

To shape that amazing body you need to understand the core of bodybuilding exercises. Thus far we discussed that bodybuilding is way to better health and the various forms and divisions of bodybuilding. Today we tackle the exercise component. … [Read More...]

Do I Need a Trainer to Sculpt an Amazing Body?

Yes, you need a personal trainer if you want an amazing body. Come on, even Tiger Woods has had golf coaches his entire professional career. We all need personal instruction and bodybuilding is the same. In the last post on bodybuilding we … [Read More...]

Bodybuilding Divisions for Men and Women

Quick! What image comes to mind when you hear the word bodybuilder? Probably an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger, right? But, bodybuilding has gone beyond the art and science of building a physique with the biggest muscles in a proportionately … [Read More...]

Bodybuilding: A Way to Better Health

Bodybuilding: Sculpting Your Ideal Body It’s difficult to sculpt a great looking body and not be healthy. That's the main reason we are writing a series of articles on the art and science of bodybuilding. This is the first of a five part series on … [Read More...]

Contrave and Weight Loss Drugs

The New Weight Loss Drugs Obesity is an epidemic with more than 30% of adults wearing that moniker. A new weight loss drug hit the market called Contrave in September of 2014 and joins weight loss drugs Belviq and Qysmia which were approved for … [Read More...]