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Slow The Aging Process

Update on Chocolate and Stem Cells

I came across some good news if you like chocolate like me, or suffer from low back pain like me (though I don't really suffer - just have low grade discomfort that doesn't slow me down). We've talked about the health benefits of chocolate and have … [Read More...]

Is Poor Fitness Linked to Dementia?

Self-Rated Poor Fitness It turns out people are pretty accurate and honest when it comes to self-rating their health. In fact, self-rated health accurately predicts adverse health events. Could the same be true when it comes to self-rated fitness? A … [Read More...]

premature aging

Avoid Premature Aging: Manage Stress

What do telomeres, self-esteem, and chronic stress have in common? Declining self-esteem increases levels of cortisol - the stress hormone - and stress causes premature shortening of telomeres which leads to premature aging. So to avoid premature … [Read More...]

“I’m Against Getting Old”

I'm not against aging…. I'm against getting old.  I'm not sure who said it first, but I do know that Bill Phillips, the author of Body for Life uses that phrase. There is indeed a difference between aging and getting old. Aging is more physical while … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives

Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives Does the title of this article ring a bell? It might if you have seen the movie Braveheart. William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) spoke those thought provoking words. Though, hard as we may try to slow the … [Read More...]

Testosterone Injections: How to Perform Them

Testosterone Gels Versus Testosterone Injections You've been to the doctor and he's checked your testosterone levels and confirmed that your lack of energy, recent fat gain, irritable moods, declining sex drive and erectile performance, and lack of … [Read More...]

Feel Full with these Foods and Lose Weight

One key to weight loss is to eat foods that fill you up without providing many calories (low caloric density). Foods that are likely to fill you without excessive calories usually are high in fiber or protein. Focus on these foods to lose weight. … [Read More...]

Which Testosterone Gel is Right for Me?

Which Testosterone Gel is Right for You? With so many testosterone gels on the market which testosterone gel is right for you? And, is there any real difference among these commercial products? The short answer is I don't think any of these … [Read More...]

FSH Levels and Fertility

Not too long ago we discussed how cell phones kept in the pants pockets might be a potential cause of male infertility. Today we will look at the relationship between FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and female causes of fertility. What is … [Read More...]