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Slow The Aging Process

Do You Have Sad Telomeres?

Do You Have Sad Telomeres? One thing you don’t want is sad telomeres. Telomeres are repetitive strands of DNA at the end of our chromosomes. Shortening of telomeres is both a marker and cause of aging. As we age and our cells divide telomeres get … [Read More...]

enjoy life

Slow Aging: Enjoy Life

Happiness and enjoyment are linked to longer life. A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concluded that enjoyment of life is also associated with lower risk of functional impairment in men and women over age 60. The … [Read More...]

Delaying Aging is Cheaper than Treating Disease

What's Cheaper? Delaying Aging or Treating Disease? Modern science already knows enough to slow the aging process. Yet, the focus of mainstream medicine is to treat individual disease killers like heart disease and cancer. But, consider this. If the … [Read More...]


Quit Smoking Tips

Understanding Why You Smoke Before you can quit smoking it is important to understand why you smoke. At some point you consciously decided that smoking had benefits. It may have been it that you viewed smoking as something “cool” to do to fit in … [Read More...]


Harmful Effects Of Smoking

Harmful Effects of Smoking Do you smoke or know someone who does? If you visit this website frequently you're probably not a smoker, but over 21% of adult Americans smoke and over 22% of high school students smoke.  So there's a pretty good chance … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

Kids Fitness and Classroom Success

Kids Fitness and Classroom Success While this site is geared towards middle-aged adults and focuses on exercise, nutrition, and hormone replacement, I thought we talk some today about kids fitness. The components of healthy living and aging should … [Read More...]

“I’m Against Getting Old”

I'm not against aging…. I'm against getting old.  I'm not sure who said it first, but I do know that Bill Phillips, the author of Body for Life uses that phrase. There is indeed a difference between aging and getting old. Aging is more physical while … [Read More...]

Will a Stent Help My ED?

Will a Stent Help My ED? A stent may help your ED, but if you need a stent you have waited to long to address your erectile problem. Erectile dysfunction or ED is not uncommon among men above 50 and even age 40. About 50% of men between ages 40 and … [Read More...]

Does Texting Lower Life Expectancy?

Texting and Lower Life Expectancy Can texting lower life expectancy? Possibly, and here’s why. We can live 3-4 weeks without food, 3-4 days without water, but only 4 minutes without oxygen. From that we can probably conclude that oxygen is the most … [Read More...]