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Slow The Aging Process

gray hair

Living with Gray Hair: a Bird’s Eye View

Gray Hair: An Early Sign of Aging “Mirror, mirror on the wall. That cannot be a gray hair – after all – could it?” But it was, and it was staring me in the face as I looked in the mirror. I was just 16. But, there it was – a gray hair – on my … [Read More...]

Live Life: Lessons from Breaking Bad

Live Life the (Breaking) Bad Way Well, I was late to the party. I’m rarely late, especially to a party. In fact, I’m usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave a party. But, now that it’s off the air, I’ve finally started to watch Breaking … [Read More...]

every man dies

Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives

Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives Does the title of this article ring a bell? It might if you have seen the movie Braveheart. William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) spoke those thought provoking words. Though, hard as we may try to slow the … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

Slow the Aging Process: Stand Up for Yourself

If you want to live longer try standing up. One way to measure how fast you are aging (dying) is to measure telomere length. We've written several articles on telomeres. Here's one called, Telomeres: A Key to Longevity.  Quickly, telomeres are little … [Read More...]

You May Not Need that Blue Pill for ED After All

Do You Really Need that Blue Pill? Turns out you may not need that blue pill after all if you suffer from ED or erectile dysfunction according to this study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Authors of the study concluded that the … [Read More...]