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Slow The Aging Process

Premature Death by Sugar Consumption

Soda Consumption and Premature Death For those of you old enough to have lived through the era of vinyl records, do you remember some of those records skipping over and over again on the same part of a song? Well, that's how feel sometimes talking … [Read More...]

house of cards

Is Your Health a House of Cards?

House of Cards The television show House of Cards has become quite popular. The phrase house of cards is an idiom and refers to an organization or plan that is very weak and built on a shaky foundation. Such organizations can thus be easily be de … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

My Journey Into Anti-Aging Medicine

"Hey Dr. Joe, how did you get interested in anti-aging medicine", I'm occasionally asked by patients.  Well it was quite unexpected. I had a very nice career practicing sports medicine and wasn't looking to do anything different. But, that started to … [Read More...]

Evidence Based Medicine: Should Dr. Oz Be Removed?

This article is about evidence based medicine and how a worthy concept has flaws, shortcomings, and is occasionally misused. The impetus for this article came from reading how Dr. Oz has been criticized for turning his back on evidence based medicine … [Read More...]

Aromatase Inhibitors in Men to Prevent Man Boobs

Why Do Men Use Estrogen Blockers? Aromatase inhibitors are drugs or supplements that block the conversion of testosterone into estrogens. The best known prescription aromatase inhibitor is anastrozole (Arimidex is the brand name). Anastrozole is … [Read More...]

Should You Go Cuckoo Over Coconut Oil?

Uses of Coconut Oil The health benefits of coconut oil have been touted in the news and coconut oil uses keep expanding. We are going to focus on the health benefits of coconut oil here. Coconut oil can be taken internally or applied externally m … [Read More...]

How to Tell if Your Man Has Low Testosterone

Educating Women on Low Testosterone in Men We often see ads and commercials regarding low testosterone targeted to men, but I think it would be just as beneficial to target the women on this topic and better educate them as well. The reason for that … [Read More...]

Raise Your IQ: How Dancing Improves Intelligence

We’ve talked about becoming smarter by having more sex. But, it’s not the only physical activity that can make you more Einstein-esque. Dancing can ward off dementia and improve brain function, too. We’ve addressed how ballroom dancing improves balan … [Read More...]