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Slow The Aging Process

Premature Death by Sugar Consumption

Soda Consumption and Premature Death For those of you old enough to have lived through the era of vinyl records, do you remember some of those records skipping over and over again on the same part of a song? Well, that's how feel sometimes talking … [Read More...]

house of cards

Is Your Health a House of Cards?

House of Cards The television show House of Cards has become quite popular. The phrase house of cards is an idiom and refers to an organization or plan that is very weak and built on a shaky foundation. Such organizations can thus be easily be de … [Read More...]

Slow the Aging Process: Stand Up for Yourself

If you want to live longer try standing up. One way to measure how fast you are aging (dying) is to measure telomere length. We've written several articles on telomeres. Here's one called, Telomeres: A Key to Longevity.  Quickly, telomeres are little … [Read More...]

Recent Articles

Are Bioidentical Hormones Safe?

Are Bioidentical Hormones Safe? In 2009 Kent Holtorf, MD published a paper in Postgraduate Medicine to answer the question are bioidentical hormones safe and efficacious? He reviewed nearly 200 studies that focused on clinical efficacy, physiologic a … [Read More...]

Life: The Other Miracle of All Miracles

The Other Miracle of All Miracles: Life It's been called the miracle of all miracles - the creation of the universe. But, is it? There's another miracle every bit its rival. One that in some ways is more impressive than the birth of the universe. Unl … [Read More...]

So God Created Mothers

So God Created Mothers by Joe Jacko, MD After God created the universe He knew it alone was not sufficient to produce, nurture, and sustain human life. So God created mothers. Long before you were born, before you were conceived, before you … [Read More...]